Pockie Ninja/Ninja Kita Hadir Kembali menjadi NinjaWars2

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Assalamualaikum wr wb dan salam sejahtera bagi kita semua. Kali ini saya akan memberikan kabar gembira dan kabar buruk bagi kalian semua. Kabar gembiranya adalah Kali ini saya akan share tentang game Pockie Ninja nih. Pockie ninja adalah game fighting bergantian seru dengan charakter - charakter yang menarik diambil dari anime bleach dan naruto. Pockie ninja juga memiliki fitur  fitur lengkap untuk sebuah game. Fitur - fitur tersebut antara lain ada pet, equip, skill, charakter yang menarik dan lain sebagainya. Pockie ninja adalah game yang pernah sangat terkenal. Kenapa saya bilang pernah? Karena game itu sudah tidak ada lagi atau bisa dibilang tutup atau bangkrut.Game ini banyak dinantikan pemainnya agar ada manusia yang membel server game ini lagi. Setelah lama menunggu akhirnya Pockie ninja gamer dapat bermain game ini lagi . Orang rusia yang membeli game ini. Kabar gembira bukan? Bagi orang - orang yang menunggu game ini sudah dapat memainkan game ini kembali dengan nama baru yaitu "NinjaWars2" . Say terimakasih dulu sama orang rusia yang telah menjawab permintaan Pockie ninja gamer hehehe. Nah bagaimana kabar gembiranya? Sudah gembira? Saya rasa sudah. Kali ini saya juga akan memberi kabar buruk. Pockie ninja atau sekarang menjadi NinjaWars2 dibeli oleh orang rusia. Itu kabar buruknya? Bukan lah. Kabar buruknya adalah game ini masih berbahasa Rusia. huuuuu. Jadi kita menikmati dan bermain game ini dengan bahasa rusia yang sulit dipahami. Hal ini tidak masalah bagi para pemain  pemain Pockie ninja yang sudah level dewa dan masih mengingat menu - menu dan alat - alat yang digunakan dalam game ini sehingga meski menggunakan bahasa apapun mereka dapat memankannya tanpa ada masalah. Bagi para pemain yang tidak hafal nama menu dan alat yang digunakan mungkin sedikit bermasalah. Namun bila kita memang sabar dan ingin bermain game ini dapat mencoba semua menu dan alat sehingga nanti kita bisa tau untuk apa menu dan alat yang digunakan. Hal ini juga sekaligus kita belajar bahasa Rusia secara tidak sengaja. Lumayan nih belajar bahasa rusia sambil bermain game Pockie Ninja atau sekarang NinjaWars2. Ini dia description, Screenshot dan link webnya.


Ninja Wars 2 online - free browser-based multiplayer role-playing game in the anime style, created after the well-known Naruto and Bleach. Created by Dream Networks project is a continuation of the legendary game. The second part will please some people are innovations and additions. Open Testing has already announced, so try playing Ninja Wars 2 can be anyone. You will find yourself in a world where you can go and kill many mobs to fight with other characters, create clans and even take part in tournaments. In addition users are given the opportunity to enjoy Bankai system, which in itself is unique and allows you to create your own spiritual swords from Bleach (Zanpakto), then another, and to improve them. Why are only the wings, which have become an integral part of gameplay! For each character fitting a variety of wings - it is great fun, and besides, they had come to the rescue during the fight. Yes, the improved version of the beloved game will find arguments that will attract the attention of users and make you wish to play Ninja Wars 2. But let us, after all, everything is clear from the beginning. If you have previously not been reported in the projects Dream Networks, means you need Ninja Wars 2 registration. This is a fairly simple process. You need to enter in the appropriate fields username, e-mail and password. After that, feel free to press the "Fight! "Keep in mind that the fact of registration, you agree to Agreement. If you are concerned about the system requirements, can be said about it, nothing to worry about. For the gameplay fits any average computer configuration, so you can only rejoice modesty requested parameters. Well, what of it? Come on! As promised, a closer look at features of Ninja Wars 2 online. By controlling your hero during gameplay, you will carry out the mission of various ranks, takes care of decent gear, pump their skills to help the needy people of the wizarding world, and, of course, repeatedly engage in battle. At the start, you have to decide what chibik you most prefer. After that, you will find yourself in one of the villages in which the game Ninja Wars 2 and will start for you. Do you have all the chances to achieve the desired level of fame and gain leadership. Try not to lose sight of its features! To improve characteristics such as agility, strength, endurance, accuracy, crit, punching, resistance, protection, treatment. These indicators will help improve the quest system. With each successfully completed assignments you get bonuses and experience points. Gradually you become stronger and more confident in myself. Although it is fair to say that the created virtual world, and so has to ensure that you feel comfortable in it. After all, it has everything you need for a particular purpose: the shop and weapon shop, and Town Hall, and the arena, and a special office, and a paddock pet. Is it possible at this all be a bit distracting? Latest version of the game, besides those already mentioned the wings and the energy of the bank, and provides a new garment, and new pets, and more levels (110 instead of 100), and an improved system of bonuses (which will now be able to get even more), and lots of interesting events. Moreover, the locations have become even more beautiful and more diverse, the tower of Las Noches will be even higher, constant battles Valhalla mode captures even more than before, and the events in the arena - even hotter. By the way, another good news - the opening of a new card with 9 villages, where the task of gamers - protection of the countryside from Tailed Beasts, that is, from the attacks of terrible monsters. Get ready to brave ninja - you will be busy! And yet, how many do not have touted the game, it is not attractive to its description, and essence. Ninja Wars 2 game belongs to the category that pulls from the first minutes of passing.


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yah demikian yang dapat saya sampaikan. Bagi yang mau main langsung saja klik link diatas. bagi yang ingin bersabar nunggu yang bahasa inggris atau indonesia silakan coba dulu game ini. Pasti ada orang yang akan membeli game ini dengan berbahasa inggris atau bahasa indonesia kelak, bersabarlah, orang sabar disayang Tuhan :D . Bagi yang main Yuk main bareng. Terimakasih dah mampir di blog saya, lihat artikel - artikel yang lain juga ya. Bila ada salah kata saya mohon maaf wassalamualaikum wr wb. 

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